Big Kid In A Candy Shop

By Jim Hagarty
Punn Ditt Inc.

One misconception about what is going on the White House these days is that the Trump administration doesn’t know what it is doing. But some have written that the country’s new governors know exactly what they are doing and things are going precisely to plan.

The first week of Trump’s presidency was a veritable fireworks of executive orders, almost too many to keep up with. A sort of “shock and awe” attack on Americans that Trump’s predecessor George H.W. Bush used against Iraq in the first Gulf War. Keep your critics off balance by bombarding them with so much stuff it is difficult for them to react.

What is startling to the keenest observer, however, is how little care Trump is taking to covering his tracks. His audaciousness got him into the Oval Office. He sees no need to change. No one has ever lifted a finger to stop him. Even now, he is apparently ignoring court orders stopping parts of his Muslim ban.

trump and spelling

Two of the biggest examples of this can be found in his non-existent attempts to hide his corruption. This weekend’s ban on entry to the U.S. by people from seven Arab countries is so bold it is outrageous. No one from those seven countries was responsible for any Americans losing their lives between 1975 and 2015. However, five other countries in that region, countries where Trump has business interests, were left off the list. Together, people from those countries have been responsible for 3,000 American deaths in that same time period. One of the president’s son, at this very moment, is in one of those five countries negotiating a hotel deal.

The other glaring conflict of interest last week came with Trump’s approval of two oil pipelines turned down by Obama. Trump has shares in both pipeline companies.

Critics have been scratching their heads trying to come up with a description of the Trump presidency. It has been described as a plutocracy (government by the rich), to an autocracy (government by a strongman) to a kleptocracy (government by thieves). One word that is not being applied these days to the new administration is “democracy” (government by the people).

Donald Trump is either the stupidest man on the planet or the smartest. So far, things are going his way. But every strongman succeeds at first. Until he doesn’t succeed. And then all hell breaks loose.

Ups and Downs of Downsizing

By Jim Hagarty

Apparently young people buying homes today often don’t want what their parents had. They don’t want big houses nor do they care for large lawns – they just want enough backyard for a patio and barbecue where they can entertain friends.

No useless rooms inside like a parlour or fancy dining room. Instead they would like a room for a big TV and space to play video games.

They don’t want a tub but do look for a large walk-in shower.

And they want to be within walking distance of shops and restaurants and schools so they are not dependent on cars.

A friend and I talked a bit about this sort of thing last week. He and his wife recently sold their beautiful country property and moved into a house in town. They’re loving the change. Their property was so big and filled with so many flower beds, he spent his days manicuring everything, as though he was the keeper of a large park.

In summer I drive in the country a lot and I often feel sorry for farm families who I see out caring for the large lawns surrounding their homes and outbuildings on beautiful Sunday afternoons. The one day of the week they normally could have off they spend bouncing around on a riding lawnmower keeping everything trim, even the roadside ditches at the front of their farms.

In the old days, farm lawns in this part of the world were not so grand. A very old picture of the farmhouse where my mother grew up shows just a small patch of grass surrounding the home, maybe only 20 feet or so. It seems as though farm lawns have grown bit by bit over the decades and now are rural parks as much as anything.

But who are they for?

Do those who care for them ever get to enjoy that space? And there are so few cars that drive some of those back roads, it’s a wonder a whole day doesn’t go by when no one but the farm family sees the park.

Maybe young homeowners are onto something. Like the expression goes, do I work to live or live to work? Do I own my home or does my home own me?

But no tub? Seriously? No shower I’ve ever been in no matter how roomy could ever ease the aches and pains and tension like a bathtub full of very hot water and bath oil to save the skin. And with the light off and a candle on the sink, the room can seem almost like your own special home away from home.

Showering in the dark just doesn’t have the same appeal, not that I have ever tried it.

Crazy As An Outhouse Rat

An Internet Comment Today
Trump is a certifiable whackadoodle. Last evening’s broadcast of the David Muir/ABC interview of Trump even persuaded two members of my family who voted for Trump that he is mentally ill. The media needs to focus enough attention on Trump now until enough “grownups” in the US Congress will have no choice but to implement the provisions of the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution and remove him from office as mentally unfit, and get control of the US Military and nuclear codes out of his hands. Trump needs mental health treatment, not a circle of enablers and sycophants.