LeBaron Was a Fun Chrysler

I spotted this 1983 Chrysler LeBaron in a parking lot in Stratford on the weekend. In one of the photos, the owner is shown with her car which had been a gift to her mother from her father in 1983. The current owner uses it a lot in summer and often has the convertible top down. One unique feature of the car is the simulated wood panelling on the sides.

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I Am Rattled By the News

By Jim Hagarty

I am not sure who is the sharpest tool in the toolbox. I know it isn’t me. The other day I complained to my family about a fitness centre located next door to my house. I noticed that the members of the centre started gathering for their morning’s workout shortly after 6 a.m., which seemed to me a ridiculous hour, coming as it does exactly one hour after 5 a.m.

“Why do they even go there?” I asked at the supper table. “They all look in great shape, none of them seem to need it.” I thought my reasoning was airtight. My daughter replied, “They look that way because they go to the fitness centre, Dad.” Well, that thought hadn’t occurred to me.

On the other hand, I am not the dumbest guy on the planet. And maybe this guy isn’t either but he’s in the running for the title. The Florida man to whom I refer leaned in to kiss a rattlesnake the other day. The eastern diamondback snake, I guess, was resistant to the man’s romantic offer of a kiss on the lips and it bit the rattlesnake whisperer on the tongue. The man had to be air lifted to hospital.

I feel some sympathy for the man as no one appears to have gotten him to slow down long enough to advise him in the matter. I was fortunate to be raised better, and I say that without bragging. I do not know how many times my father told me not to kiss a ratttesnake on the lips. I’m not aware if there is anywhere else on a rattlesnake to safely plant a harmless buss but my Dad’s warnings sort of put me off rattlesnakes, at least as objects of potential romance.

I have not lived an exciting life but I also have picked up not even one rattlesnake bite along the way. Swallowed a few flying bugs by accident, but that’s about it.

Looking Outward

Looking Outward

As we grow from boy to man
Two avenues await:
We can face the world with love
Or align ourselves with hate.

It seems so hard in many ways
To connect ourselves with others,
But only if we turn aside
The lessons from our mothers.

For in their entire manner lies
The roadmap for our travels.
Care for others more than us,
If not, our life unravels.

By logic, putting others first
Would mean we’d come in last.
But life will show us otherwise
As our troubles mount up fast.

The world tells us to always seek
The best for number one
And ignore any good
Our better natures might have done.

But what we fail to recognize
Is meeting another’s need
Diverts us from our tendencies
For cruelty and greed.

It simply is not possible
To take and never give.
To try it is to just exist
And never really live.

  • Jim Hagarty

An Added Incentive

By Jim Hagarty

The real estate market in Indonesia must be getting pretty tough these days. A woman put her house up for sale and promised to marry the man who bought it. It’s more wholesome than it sounds. She had lots of offers but accepted one from a widower with two kids. She is a widow with two children as well. They clicked. Goes to show true love will find a way.