Death Do U.S. Part

By Jim Hagarty
Punn Ditt Inc.

The U.S. Congressional Budget Office, set up years ago by Congress and led today by a Republican appointee, estimated yesterday that in 2018, the possible first year of Trumpcare, 17,000 Americans would probably die who WOULD HAVE LIVED if Obamacare was left in place. By 2026, 10 years from now, that number would rise to 29,000 avoidable deaths per year.

Meanwhile, because of Trumpcare, the richest 400 families in the country would get an annual tax break of about seven million dollars each.

Republicans do not use the word “coverage”. They use “access” instead. They vow to provide better access to health care for everyone. Of course, that means nothing if you cannot afford to buy the health care you have access to.

There is a nice GM dealership just up the street from me where they sell new Cadillacs. This provides me with ready access to a new Cadillac, six days a week, 10 hours a day. However, I will never buy a new Cadillac because I can’t afford to buy one.

The analogy is a little weak, however, as I will not die from not being able to buy a Cadillac. A new Cadillac would only kill me if I got run over by one.

What sort of karma are these politicians inviting on their heads?

Author: Jim Hagarty

I am a 65-year-old retired journalist, busy recovering from a lifelong career as an unretired journalist. This year marks a half century of my scratching out little fables about life. My interests include genealogy, humour and music. I live in a little blue shack in Canada and spend most of my time trying to stay out of trouble. I am not that good at it. I also spent years teaching journalism. Poor state of journalism today: My fault. I have a family I don't deserve, a dog that adores me, and two cars the junk yard refuses to accept. My prized possessions include my old guitar and a razor my Dad gave me when I was 14 and which I still use when I bother to shave. Oh, and my great-great-grandfather's blackthorn stick he brought from Ireland in the 1850s. I have only one opinion but it is a good one: People take too many showers.

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