About Lifetime Sentences


Lifetime Sentences was created by Jim Hagarty on April 30, 2016. It developed out of a Christmas gift from Jim’s daughter Sarah who set up a Word Press account as a way to get her Dad off the couch. It didn’t work too well as he now creates posts for the blog while sitting with his laptop on the couch.

The blog also sprang to life at the urging of Jim’s friend Al Bossence, a fellow Canadan, who has been blogging for 10 years at www.thebayfieldbunch.com. Al and his wife Kelly are committed RV enthusiasts and hit the road for six months of the year, travelling mostly in the United States. They park themselves sometimes during their wanderings at a ranchhouse they own in Arizona.

Al is a good writer and a fantastic photographer. He uses his talents to post interesting entries on his blog once a day, in the evenings. The blog, of course, is about RV life but about so much more. It is full of humour, philosophy, and honesty. In 10 years, his blog has attracted more than four million views.

Lifetime Sentences is in its infancy, but as a lifelong journalist and teacher, Jim Hagarty hopes to populate his blog with not only his own best writing and music but that of other writers and musicians and photographers. He wants to make it a bit of a hangout for Internet users who seek quality writing and entertainment.

Welcome aboard!