Jim Hagarty’s bank account is on life support. A check this morning showed a balance of $1.47. This would not be a problem but there is no dog food in the house and the dog is getting upset.

If you can’t stand to see a dog go hungry and you still have a dollar on your dresser that you haven’t yet sent to Bernie Sanders, I would gladly come to your house, if you leave the back door unlocked, and steal it from your dresser. Don’t leave any jewellery or Vince Gill records lying around. A fresh bran muffin on the kitchen counter, however, would be nice. Heated, corn oil margarine only, no butter.


You could bypass a visit from me (good idea as I never remove my shoes in a house), and drop a coin in the collection plate at the handy dandy button below.

My dog says thank you. If you were here, he would slobber all over your face.

Consider yourself slobbered.

I promise to keep a running tally of the money that has been given by my viewers

So far, this is total that has been given:

.84 cents.

This was a generous donation given by myself to see if the donate button was working. I have always been too free with my money.