The Empty Nest

By Jim Hagarty

Two birds met in flight one day
And settled down in a tree.
They listened to ancient instincts
And made a nest as fine as could be.

And soon their work was rewarded
As two little birdies arrived.
And they set about to raise them
And the family prospered and thrived.

The days seemed long, like they wouldn’t end,
And they sang out their joy from their bough.
But the birdies flew as was known they would
And the two birds are alone again now.

The nest is empty and lonesome too
But oh, what a nest it has been.
And the birds have each other for company still
And are happy with now as with then.

Keeping Too High a Profile

By Jim Hagarty

I have done some stupid things in my life.

Remember streaking in the 1970s? Several freshmen at the college I attended back then were the first anywhere to streak. I wasn’t among them.

At least, not that time.

Because this was such a new phenomenon, the skinny running guys mentioned above gained a lot of publicity for their stunt. Maybe it was the thought of all that fame that intrigued me.

Other dumb things over the years I accomplished fully clothed.

But here is something I have never done. Every time there has been a wanted poster circulated with my photo on it, I have kept a very low profile till things have blown over. And if I had been in a position to advise Mack Yearwood, I could have saved him some grief.

But old Mack went ahead without the benefit of my accumulated wisdom and posted his very own wanted poster as his profile picture on his Facebook page.

It didn’t take Florida cops very long to find Mack’s unfortunate posting and after reading through his Facebook information, they gathered all they needed to scoot on over and arrest the unwise lawbreaker who had been on the run for 11 months.

Police issued this warning after making the arrest.

“If you are wanted by the police, it’s probably not a good idea to use the ‘Wanted of the Week’ poster of yourself as your profile pic,” the department posted online the following day.

The police showed up at Mack’s brother’s home where they found the culprit and, to add insult to injury, a bag of marijuana fell out of his pants during the arrest. A new charge involving the weed has been added to the numerous other charges the 42-year-old social media fan faces.

This was where he made another critical mistake. If he had been streaking at the time, he would have had no pants for a bag of weed to fall out of.

At least that has been my experience.

Sunday in Old Order Country


By Jim Hagarty
My friend and fellow blogger Al Bossence ( was out and about this morning when he followed buggy tracks in the road to a farm where Old Order Mennonites were gathered in a barn for their Sunday services. He took other images of the farm at the same time. The farm is located in Huron County in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Al described the singing coming from the barn as “angelic.”

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Bad News Cure All

By Jim Hagarty

There is so much bad news in the world
Said the nervous TV viewer.
“Hey,” I said, “If you’re watching Fox
“You are swimming in a sewer.”

“I’m serious, Trump is bad
“And Clinton is no better.”
I told the viewer shut off Fox.
It will make you a bed wetter.

“Cheating, lying, slinging mud,
“I just can stand it all.”
I told the viewer shut off Fox,
Throw the TV at the wall.

But bad “news” is like an opiate.
It’s addictive, like cocaine.
I told the viewer shut off Fox,
And go play in the rain.